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Diamonds are not Forever

Diamonds are forever is a universal saying. But what if I tell you diamonds are not forever?

If you have read all my previous blogs, you either agree with me or hate me- and I don't give a fuck. But you are continuing to read it, which is an achievement for me whether you agreed or disagreed with me. Coming back to the question whether diamonds are forever or not, I want you to define forever.

"Riya, it will take me forever to define forever!" Yea baby I know. That is exactly my point in this post. You don't know what the fuck is forever, then how are you defining what lasts and doesn't last forever? Isn't it kind of being ignorant?

You need to know what is forever before you go on to use that word. Now it may be anything according to anyone, a day for a mayfly is there lifetime, it is their forever to them. Our 100 years is huge, some trees in California have seen 1500 years and that is their forever.

My point is, forever is different things to different beings. So instead of taking stuff for granted and believing in forever, take time to appreciate that diamond in your life when it is there- because it won't shine forever for you.

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