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How to Give A Fuck (Or Not To Give One)

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Some peeps think that not giving a fuck and being chill about everything is how to give a fuck and the best way to live. Well, flash news, that's not called being a chill person, that's called being a psychopath, and why the fuck does anyone want to be a psychopath? I have no fucking clue.

Humans beings are designed to constantly worry about stuff. Whether it is the new dress, the new game, the rotting chocolates, the ignorant friend, we are designed to give a fuck about everything. The lack of this ability to give a fuck does not make you cooler, it only makes you a psychopath. The reason I am repeating this is to emphasize its importance to you, to tell you that if you come to me with this stupid notion in your head, I am going to shoot down this notion. The art of giving a fuck, therefore, means giving a fuck only about the things that matter. Your angry girlfriend whom you love? Go on, she deserves a fuck of care from you. That shitty job you lost last week? Nah, not so much. Remember that you are a teeny tiny speck of stardust in a humongous universe filled with stars whose limits we don't know yet, that in the past 13.75 billion years the universe has existed, you are just a tiny part of it. In a blink of your eye, multiple stars die, new ones are born and the rest keep shining in the sky. We don't even know if God exists, if we have a purpose in the universe. Then why not make what we want out of this universe?

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