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Optimistic Nihilism- Does it exist or is it a fiction our mind makes up?

Nobody exists on purpose. Nobody belongs anywhere. Everyone'e gonna die. Come watch TV.

These famous words said by Morty in Rick and Morty have fueled my imagination for the past few days. Working like a manic, looking like a monster and thinking like a nihilistic douchebag, life is a rollercoaster for me right now. I have a shit ton of assignments to submit, a test hovering on me one month down the line, and my career to pursue in a duration of 12 years (gonna die at 32, don't ask why). But what is the point of this fucking shit?

Why should I get up every morning to brush my teeth (which I usually skip), gulp down my breakfast then hurry to attend my class on Google Meet in a half sleepy state? What is the point of it all? I could maybe not have existed and the stars in the universe would still be twinkling then as they twinkle now. Maybe I wouldn't have existed if my parents married someone else and not each other. Maybe I am wasting away my existence pondering these weird questions.

Sometimes, I feel that God was playing dice when he made us. 6? Oh let's make life proteins. 2? Let's make life. 9 for dinosaurs and 5 for mammals. And oh, 1 for homo sapiens endowed with intelligence and sentience. Look, you may tell me, Aurora, you are being stupid. Of course God didn't do that, or wouldn't have done that had they existed. And I will be like, yea yea, whatever you say must be the truth since the confidence which you speak it with is scaring me about the human ignorance. Darling, lemme tell you this, irrespective of whether God exists or not, we hardly know anything about the universe. So don't assume. And if you have to, at least don't rope me into it.

Now, some people think that the fact that our life has no meaning itself gives our life more meaning as we can define our life as having any meaning. They are right in their way, after all we are the only conscious elements in this infinitely complex universe. But is this optimistic nihilism reliable?

Ask me that, and I will say yes I dunno, I don't care. Everyone is right in their own way. And wrong in their own.

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