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Right and Wrong or Wrong and Right?

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Is there a correct way to do things? Is there an incorrect way to do things? What about things that are universal? And that are... Not so universal. Can I say "Me want a chocolate" and not "I want a chocolate"? Many of you will say no. But why no?

I am not here to talk about grammar rules. It's just that a video on grammar peeps inspired me to write this post. I am here to ask, who gets to decide what is wrong and what is right?

Certainly not you and me. Then God, perhaps? But what about the atheists? My atheist readers right now will be confused by the question, to my religious friends, I want to ask, how many types of God's are there if they exist? What is the language used by accountants in heaven and hell? Sanskrit? Latin? Egyptian? Who are you or me or anyone else to decide?

We will perhaps never know the answer to some of the questions asked in this blog. Then is it necessary to even know the answer to these questions? Go figure.

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