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Why Red for me if Grey for you?

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

This post targets all the entitled jerk who think that they are all goodie goodie while the world is meanie meanie.

See, the simple thing is- the world is a mix of Greys. Not red, not blue or pink, but grey. Yep, black and white. So the world doesn’t care about any of your fancy shindig, sorry to say.

Alright Riya, I am getting bored, can we get to the point please? So happy you asked.

My point is- no one is good, bad, cute, angry, sweet, lovely or horrible or perfect. We are all a mix of all qualities. I hate it when we give people adjectives, confine their beautiful grey personalities into the confines of a single stupid color. See, the reason I am saying grey and not black and white is that we have no idea of knowing what is good or bad in the universe. What might be ok to us might be horrifying to someone else. Just like the color grey.

So instead of asking sweet Suzy to help you, ask her to show all her feelings to you and touch her core. Remember, we are all rotten at the core, but can be as beautiful to the world as we choose to be and as we treat the world.

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