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You are not the Centre of the Universe (Neither am I)

The universe is expanding away from you at the speed of light. And the further away the galaxy is, the faster it is running away from you. While this may imply you are the centre of the universe to you, it does not to me (or to science, for that matter).

So, why am I randomly bringing a strange topic up (again)? This is to tell you that you are not the centre of the universe metaphorically (or literally) whether you believe it or not. The universe does not give a fuck about your ideas, values and thoughts. It doesn't adapt itself to suit your idea of how the universe works. It is actually like a bubble, ever expanding and having no centre. Speaking of bubbles, sorry to burst your egoistic bubble that you are the centre of the universe.

Ok, enough depressive thoughts. You get that you are not the centre of the universe, that your thoughts and feelings towards the universe don't matter. Then what matters and why exist? This is a blog on optimistic nihilism after all.

Well, what matters is your response towards this big realisation. The way you handle this knowledge will either set you up in the cage of anxiety forever or set you free from the clutches of the universe. How though? We will discuss more about it in another blog.

Why exist? Exist because you exist. You are already on earth, living a shitty (or lucky) life, why throw it away? You may as well spend your life tormenting your tormentor rather than being tormented by them (kidding). Well, as there is no purpose to anything in the universe, you get to decide what matters to you. You get to decide what means something and what means nothing. Cool, eh?

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